Feed your Dreams and Starve your Fears

Feed your Dreams and Starve your Fears

I myself (as I am sure many of you also do) fall subject into falling into the mindset of doing things or not doing things out of fear. That at times can even fall into worship services. How many times have you felt a move of God that you should stand up and shout, raise your hands, run the isle, or whatever it is that God impresses upon your heart and NOT followed through because you are scared of what may happen? All it takes is one person to step out in faith to create an atmosphere where miracles take place and dreams are recognized.

Romans 10:11- For scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed.

Now is where we must learn to feed our dreams. Our dreams may also be defined as miracles in some circumstances of our lives i.e.- Seeing people saved, healing, financial blessings, whatever it may be that is pertinent for your life. If we are continually feeding into the fear of what someone will say or do in relevance to your worship, then you are neglecting your own self of your miracle, you are starving your dreams. I know that it may even be that you fear what God has for you, but God will never give us anything that we could not handle. We have nothing to fear, but fear it’s self. It is nothing more than a word without meaning when you have God by your side, you have the opportunity to take hold of what can bring your dreams to reality.

Our dreams/miracles will come to us only through prayer and worship. Through prayer and worship we connect with Jesus which allows us to be guided by the Holy Ghost. God is blessing those who are hungry for a miracle in their lives; God is blessing those who are feeding their dreams and starving their fears.

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One Response to Feed your Dreams and Starve your Fears

  1. Carl Schuler says:

    Amen, Praise the Lord

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